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How To Find Inspiration In Chaos

Getting Started With Inspiration

I think we can all agree the last few years have not been what we planned.  It has has been full of chaos for me from the world’s pandemic to a new home to a new car before I am ready for it.  The chaos just keeps coming. Who would think to look for inspiration within the chaos? Me.

It is time to change my perspective and find inspiration within the chaos.  A good place for me to start is my physical space.  As I so sorted through the boxes from delivery companies and bags of stuff, I found my items from the Vintage Coast Market.  Finding inspiration at vintage fairs is always fun to find the treasures among the junk.

I bought some cool jars, a chalice, and a typewriter. A good day with friends and finding creativity for my current personal project. Unbagging them brought even more inspiration for some images.

Next, I opened an Amazon box and found Gorilla Glue, stick-on hooks, and fishing line. The final items I need for my next image set up. The excitement for my personal project is off the charts. Now Time to get to work on this image.

What Is My Project?

It’s called Mis-Fortune. Since I was a child I have been fascinated with the paranormal, fortune-telling methods, spiritual practices, and history, in general. From these interests has been an enjoyment of art that depicts these things. I began to notice that these images are too perfect, too commercial, too fantasy, or just too too. But it is not quite perfect, it is an experiment, it is asking the universe for information and see what you get back. It is not always understandable.

I was inspired to work on a personal project about it going wrong, not getting the answer you want, and being even more confused about the future.

The take away is that inspiration comes from any aspect of life, look through the chaos to the details, and let it lead you to creativity.

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