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What Is A Personal Project & Why Do I Care?

What is a Personal Project?

A personal project is about setting up a stimulation of your life through a project to find your roadblocks or stumbling blocks in life and working a plan to find your way around them, over them, or under them.

A project can be anything that interests you. Some thoughts are as follows:

The crazy idea project.

Is there that thing you have always wanted to but everyone tells you that you are crazy? Well you are not and it is time to do it.

The curiosity project

Is there something you have had an interest in but haven’t taken the time to explore it? Now is the time.

The getting inspired project

Are you stuck or uninterested in being creative? Let’s find that thing that will get you motivated again.

The learning something new project

Been wanting to learn something new? Now is the time to learn it


It is about self development, being more creativity, helping you gain a habit, allow you to reduce stress, meet new people, slow you down, learn a new skill, improve your happiness, give you a fresh answer to “What’ you been up to?”.

Time to start my next project.

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