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What is a Personal Project? A personal project is about setting up a stimulation of your life through a project to find your roadblocks or stumbling blocks in life and working a plan to find your way around them, over them, or under them.

What Is A Personal Project & Why Do I Care?

What is a Personal Project? A personal project is about setting up a stimulation of your life through a project to find your roadblocks or stumbling blocks in life and working a plan to find your way around them, over them, or under them.

What is a Personal Project?

A personal project is about setting up a stimulation of your life through a project to find your roadblocks or stumbling blocks in life and working a plan to find your way around them, over them, or under them.

A project can be anything that interests you. Some thoughts are as follows:

The crazy idea project.

Is there that thing you have always wanted to but everyone tells you that you are crazy? Well you are not and it is time to do it.

The curiosity project

Is there something you have had an interest in but haven’t taken the time to explore it? Now is the time.

The getting inspired project

Are you stuck or uninterested in being creative? Let’s find that thing that will get you motivated again.

The learning something new project

Been wanting to learn something new? Now is the time to learn it


It is about self development, being more creativity, helping you gain a habit, allow you to reduce stress, meet new people, slow you down, learn a new skill, improve your happiness, give you a fresh answer to “What’ you been up to?”.

Time to start my next project.

Speaker 1 (00:05):

Broadcasting from the business capital of the world. This is the podcast business news Network.

Steve Harper (00:13):

I’m going to start that over again because she’s here. Our aunt is here and she’s not my aunt. She’s our aunt because she is who’s incredibly intuitive. She’s an intuitive life coach. She has psychic abilities, mediumship ability. She can do tarot card readings. She can really help plot your life path and it’s great to have you with us. How are you Aunt Betsy?

Aunt Betsy (00:36):

I’m doing great. So good to be here.

Steve Harper (00:39):

Great to have you with us. And I’ve talked to life coaches before, but you’re very different having the intuitive side. So can we dig into that right now? How does that work for you? Is it when you meet with somebody and you going to work with them as a life coach, do you have kind of a feeling for what they’re after just because you’ve kind of tapped into their energy?

Aunt Betsy (01:04):

Yes, I do. I do. I usually see their auras and their energy as we’re doing the pleasantries and I get a feel for who they are and what they’re looking for in life, and then we move forward from there. It’s being an intuitive life coach gives me that advantage that we can start at a deeper level than most coaches or even most therapists.

Steve Harper (01:30):

Yep. I totally understand it because if you, nothing wrong with therapists, but sometimes it takes time to get to a certain point. You might have to go for three sessions before you’re really at the point where you’re at the therapy or the coaching level.

Aunt Betsy (01:44):

Right, exactly. So with me, we can start at a little bit deeper level and get to the heart of what you want to know.

Steve Harper (01:53):

So I want to know, and I’m sure a lot of people ask this question, if you are a medium or a psychic, does that mean that you can connect with the other side as well?

Aunt Betsy (02:04):

It does, and a lot of times during readings, the person I’m reading for their relatives, friends who have passed will come through in the reading and we’ll help with messages for them.

Steve Harper (02:17):

Wow, fantastic. I firmly believe, and I’m learning this more and more in my journey, that our future, our present is kind of dictated by our past, our childhood, whatever it might be, and you have to pull that out before you can move forward in your journey. And I would imagine as a intuitive life coach, you’re going to pull that out pretty fast.

Aunt Betsy (02:40):

Yes, I do. So we don’t, like most therapists, they have to go through all the stages of the childhood with me. I get a sense of what that childhood was and we can just move forward.

Steve Harper (02:52):

Wow. Before we move forward in our talk here, I got to find out, how did this all begin for you? When did you realize that you had some intuition and wanted to be a life coach?

Aunt Betsy (03:05):

I was at a funeral when I was about four years old, and I saw the body in the casket and standing next to the casket and I was a little confused and my grandmother explained it to me.

Steve Harper (03:19):

Wow. I can imagine. The good thing is, the good thing is you were four because if you were 40 and that happened, I don’t know if anybody could have handled that at that moment.

Aunt Betsy (03:33):

No, no. So it just kind of all made sense to me at that moment of what I was, so it’s just an ability I’ve always had.

Steve Harper (03:42):

Amazing. Tell me some of the things that you’ve pulled from somebody in doing your life coaching, like an interesting situation or even a success story. Anything stand out in your mind? Recently?

Aunt Betsy (03:58):

Most of my clients in the last few years have been people wanting to start businesses because they got through the pandemic, either got laid off from jobs, got their jobs cut part time, wanted to start a side hustle in case they did get laid off or their company went out of business. So I’ve had a lot of successes helping people define what their business is because they come to me and say, I want to, I’ve got this product and I want to sell this product, and what do I need to do? And we work through what that product really is and what it means to them and why they want to sell it. And we get to a different place where it’s not so much about the product itself, but about what they’re building as a business.

Steve Harper (04:51):

And I’m sure a lot of them comes out in terms of their relationships, how that steers the business, their emotions and everything.

Aunt Betsy (05:00):

And we deal a lot with their fears of starting a business. A lot of people are very comfortable showing up to work and being handed a paycheck, and then when they have their own business, it’s a whole different way of life and we really work on that way of life as well.

Steve Harper (05:22):

Yes, it is. And I own a business and I was just doing invoices before because I’m in between bookkeepers. I got it. If you’re not familiar with it in terms of starting your own business, it’s a great thing. It’s a great thing. There’s other things involved there that you might not be aware of, so you might want to talk to and Betsy over here and just be armed. Be armed with what you need to know.

Aunt Betsy (05:48):

Yes. And I do have some clients who are really, they want to start a business, but they’re afraid of the sales aspect of it and talking to people to actually sell their product. So we do a lot of work on why they have that fear and where that fear came from.

Steve Harper (06:03):

I want to talk about intuition for a second because a lot of psychics or people with some type of ability like that say that we’re all psychic. We all can do it, we just need to be able to tune into it. Do you feel that way?

Aunt Betsy (06:19):

I absolutely do. For quite a while of my life, I did block it out. I just ignored it. I just kind of shut it down and it did take me a while to get it back. I also have, one of my best friends was very intuitive as a child and she shut it down and I’ve been working with her to open up her psychic abilities as well, and it’s really coming along very nicely. She’s become very intuitive.

Steve Harper (06:49):

Wow. So is it something, a skill that you work on as well?

Aunt Betsy (06:54):

Absolutely. Absolutely. A lot of meditation is involved to really tap into those long forgotten parts of our brain, the subconscious, and that’s really where the intuition comes from is back in the subconscious.

Steve Harper (07:14):

So it’s almost a, maybe you need to get into a meditative type state to really tap into that.

Aunt Betsy (07:20):

Yes, yes. When I was first trying to get my abilities back, I would spend a lot of time meditating and really just letting my mind wander back into the deepest corners and reaches inside my brain to really pull that information out.

Steve Harper (07:39):

I think I speak for a lot of people when it comes to meditation. I’m going to be blunt. I suck. It’s, it’s hard to get there. I could even tell you three years ago where I was, where I felt like, oh, and I was using an app. I was like, ah, I’m there. It’s so hard to get into that zone. What’s secret? What’s the secret?

Aunt Betsy (08:07):

I don’t know that there’s any one secret for anyone. When I meditate, I actually set a timer that I’m going to meditate for 30 minutes, and then that gives me the ability to set all of those daily worries aside and I can just sit and meditate and really let the information come to my conscious mind.

Steve Harper (08:30):

Somebody told me this, and I don’t know if you or somebody else does this, but they visualize themselves in an elevator and they went to the bottom floor, elevator opens, and they walk in onto a beach and that’s their meditative, that’s their location. They press the button, they know that’s how they mentally got there and they’re on the beach and that’s how they see things and feel things. And then when they’re done, they get back in the elevator and go back up.

Aunt Betsy (08:55):

Yeah, that’s a great idea. I have not done that, but I’m going to have to try that the next time I sit down to meditate.

Steve Harper (09:02):

I really actually want to be on the beach, but I don’t know how many elevators lead out to the sand.

Aunt Betsy (09:08):

My house is right on the little manmade lake, so I go outside and just look at the lake and let my mind wander and get into that meditative state.

Steve Harper (09:18):

Love it. So you also do tarot card readings, right?

Aunt Betsy (09:22):

Yes, I do.

Steve Harper (09:25):

Some people tell me that they do tarot card readings, they do Oracle cards. You do both or just tarot?

Aunt Betsy (09:32):

I’m just a tarot reader. Our oracles are a little different and I have not taken the time to learn those because tarot is definitely a learned skill.

Steve Harper (09:41):

And you know what? That is the baseline. That’s everything. Tarot. The Oracle cards, from what I understand are a more positive version of tarot cards. So tarot cards really tell it like it is and it runs a lot deeper. So to have that skill, you’re good to go.

Aunt Betsy (10:00):

Yeah. I like tarot for that Reason is it does go deeper. It does get into the story of your life and not the story we tell ourselves, but the story that we’re meant to live in this life.

Steve Harper (10:13):

When you do a tarot chord reading a typical one, how many cards do you pull?

Aunt Betsy (10:19):

When I do readings for my clients, I pull 10 cards and I do what’s called a Celtic cross reading, and that goes back to my Celtic roots. I identify most with the Irish part of me.

Steve Harper (10:30):

Same here.

Aunt Betsy (10:34):

So I do this Celtic Cross and it goes through where you’re sitting right now in your life and what the challenges are and then what you want as well as what the universe wants for you.

Steve Harper (10:49):

I love the way you put that, Betsy, because I am learning more and more about the universe and how, and it is what it is and how you need to put things out into the universe that you want. You’re probably not going to get ’em unless you do. And don’t be afraid to ask for those things might not get them.

Aunt Betsy (11:09):

Absolutely. Absolutely. It goes back to the Old Testament in the Bible. Seek and you shall find. Yeah.

Steve Harper (11:16):

Yeah. And it’s a phrase that has come to my mind in the last year or two. It will all be revealed. It will all be revealed, whatever it is. Take time, whatever. Yes. Yeah, give everybody your website. If they want to reach out to you, connect with you, do a reading,

Aunt Betsy (11:31):

It’s ask aunt

Steve Harper (11:35):

And bravo to you for locking down that domain name, by the way.

Aunt Betsy (11:39):

Yes. I have been known most of my life as Aunt Betsy, so when I wanted to start this business, it just made sense.

Steve Harper (11:49):

So along with tarot card readings and being an intuitive life coach, any other services that you offer people?

Aunt Betsy (11:58):

Not at this time. The intuitive life coaching is where I am focusing my energy.

Steve Harper (12:05):

Got it. Yeah. I didn’t know if maybe you did reiki. Sometimes people with your skills may do something else as well.

Aunt Betsy (12:12):

No, I have several friends who are reiki masters and I would rather refer people to them because they are amazing at it than have quite the talent for it.

Steve Harper (12:21):

Gotcha. So I never ask, but I’m kind of curious. Any possibility that you may be able to throw or pull a couple of cards on me,

Aunt Betsy (12:29):

I can will do a three card reading for you

Steve Harper (12:33):


Aunt Betsy (12:33):

That will lead us into the most important part of having a session with me is the question you want answered. And I have a guide on my website that is nine tips to Ensure Life changing tarot reading,

Steve Harper (12:49):

And I’m looking at now, by the way,

Aunt Betsy (12:54):

And that is if you go to my website, ask aunt There’s a big link that we’ll send you to that guide.

Steve Harper (13:04):

And it’s super easy to read, by the way. Very well laid out. It’s not super technical. Thank you. Yeah,

Aunt Betsy (13:11):

No, I wanted it super easy. Let’s just give you the information that you need so that we can move forward and get you on a path to a life that you love

Steve Harper (13:22):

And I love that. So tell me what you’re doing. Do you shuffle the cards first? How’s that go?

Aunt Betsy (13:25):

I do. First we need to talk about your question. What do you want to know about career, love, finances, family issues?

Steve Harper (13:38):

Fact, Betsy, I feel like I just rubbed the bottle and the genie came out three and I have to make them count and can I make them, do they have to be connected to each other or can they be completely independent questions?

Aunt Betsy (13:52):

They are a past, present, and future for the three cards. So we ask them a specific question and we see what that question has been doing for you in the recent past where it sits with you right now, and where the universe has you headed if you stay on this path.

Steve Harper (14:15):

I feel challenged for the first time in a long time.

Aunt Betsy (14:19):

I’m glad I was able to challenge

Steve Harper (14:20):

You. Yeah. So when we talk about the past question, give me an example of what that would be.

Aunt Betsy (14:28):

Well, it’s just one question that you ask, and I pulled the three cards around the one question. The most typical question is what do I need to know about my romantic life? What do I need to know about my business? What do I need to know about a family situation?

Steve Harper (14:50):

I only have three. I got to make them count. So they are going to center around the same thing. Is that that’s what we’re talking about?

Aunt Betsy (14:57):

Well, it’s just really one question. We’re asking one question and then there’s three cards that answer that one question.

Steve Harper (15:05):

Okay. So I’m living in the present. This is a present situation that I could ask lots of questions. I have lots of ’em. This one, and tell me, and if this question isn’t good, we will come up with others.

Aunt Betsy (15:21):


Steve Harper (15:22):

Should I buy a house I’m considering? And as an interesting situation surrounding that, which we don’t need to get into. Should I?

Aunt Betsy (15:35):

How about instead of saying should because there are no shoulds, how about what do you need to know about the house you’re buying and the decision you need to make?

Steve Harper (15:47):

That’s perfect.

Aunt Betsy (15:48):

Okay. So I am shuffling up the cards now with your intention of what you need to know about this house and the decision to buy it.

Steve Harper (16:04):

This is so cool and it’s not an easy question for me to answer because of situations surrounding it.

Aunt Betsy (16:19):

Yes. So you got a card that I don’t get very often, so I just want to double check something. Okay.

Steve Harper (16:28):

Of course

Aunt Betsy (16:29):

I did. Okay. Yes. So there are two types of cards in the tarot. There are the minor arcana, which are all that day-to-day stuff that you deal with. And then there’s the major arcana and those are your life lessons, the things that you came to this earth to learn. So your first question or your first card is your immediate past. And we’ve got strength, which is a major arcana card, and the strength card is all about compassion and can you see the card? Yeah. It’s all about compassion.

Steve Harper (17:08):


Aunt Betsy (17:11):

And within this decision, this card is telling me that you are maybe a little too compassionate about the situation and the people who are selling the house and all the situations around them selling the house that you have a little too much vested interest in what’s going on with them instead of the transaction.

Steve Harper (17:34):

Fair enough.

Aunt Betsy (17:37):

So with strength, it’s really good to have strength, but you need to balance the compassion that you have. And I’m so sorry, my cat has decided she wants to sit on the cards.

Steve Harper (17:50):

I hope she doesn’t leave anything on my strength card just saying

Aunt Betsy (17:53):

No. No. So strength is a really good place to come from, but you got to balance the compassion because you are in, since you’re in the media world, you always want to know all of the details. So a lot of the details aren’t necessarily things that you need to know to make this decision. Okay?

Steve Harper (18:17):


Aunt Betsy (18:19):

So your second card where you’re sitting at right now is the hangman. And I love this card. It’s all about letting go

Steve Harper (18:32):

And that ends our broadcast. Kidding, tell me more. It’s not a bad thing, is it? The

Aunt Betsy (18:37):

Hangman is all about letting go and finding a new perspective. So around this house purchase, you need to look at it a little bit different way than you’re currently looking at it. I also used to be a professional photographer and I took a photography class in Paris one time and we were walking down this one alleyway photographing stuff, and isn’t this all really cool? And we got to the other end and the instructor said, okay, let’s turn around and walk the other way. And it was a whole different experience. So you need to think about that with this home purchase, look at it from the other side and find a different perspective of it that may make more sense than the perspective you have now.

Aunt Betsy (19:31):

Because then your third card, which is the future, is the Ace of Cups. I also do numerology. Ace is the number one and number one is the beginning. So you’re going to be at a beginning of a whole new journey very soon. And cups are emotions. And in your case, it’s very happy emotions. It feels like there’s definitely a new home in your future and it feels like it is this home, but you need to look at it from a little bit different perspective. Make the offers from a little bit different perspective than you are now. You can have this home and you’ll be very happy in it.

Steve Harper (20:15):

Interesting. I’m not going to give up any details. I don’t need to, but I’m going to say everything you’re saying is at this juncture, and I’ll know more in a few days from what I do know. I’m going to say you’re like 90% on Target and the other 10% I won’t know. I’ll let you know. Yeah.

Aunt Betsy (20:40):

And this is the reading for right now. Tomorrow or the next day, different things happen. The sellers could change what’s going on. A realtor could do something that they’re not supposed to, so things can change, but at this moment it looks like this home is a really good purchase for you and you’re going to be very happy there.

Steve Harper (21:03):

Interesting. And to your point, there’s a lot of emotion involved. Should look at it from a different perspective. You’re totally totally on Target and you wouldn’t normally say that for buying a house, but in what we’re talking about here, 90%, you’re right on target with it. You really, really are. So let me ask you, we said past, present, future, the present. Am I right? That was the Hangman card.

Aunt Betsy (21:39):

That is the Hangman card.

Steve Harper (21:42):

And just overall, that’s not a bad thing.

Aunt Betsy (21:46):

No, the Hangman is a really good card. I like that card. Wow. Some tarot readers, but I do. I think it’s a really good card.

Steve Harper (21:55):

So scale of one to 10, 10 being the cards that you pulled for me being very strong, positive overall, where would you put that?

Aunt Betsy (22:06):

I think they’re very strong cards because you have two major arcana cards, so you have two life lessons within this decision that you’re making. How to balance your strength and compassion and your need to know every detail and your ability to let go and let the universe guide you through this process.

Steve Harper (22:30):

Let me make that 95% accurate. I processed it again what you’re saying and yeah, what you’re saying is definitely resonating. That’s it. 5%. I’ll let you know in a couple of days. And I’m not just saying that because you’re with us today. I’m fully transparent, always honest. That is what you’re saying. Is it? That’s it.

Aunt Betsy (22:54):

Good. I’m so glad.

Steve Harper (22:56):

It’s pretty crazy that you can pull that out from just a deck of cards. Of course. With your experience, intuition and reading it. Yes. Has there ever been a time where you’ve pulled cards and there’s no connection to the situation?

Aunt Betsy (23:12):

There is. There has been times and because the person that I was reading for wasn’t really intent on the question they asked, they had a lot of other things on their mind, other things that were going on. So the cards came out based on what they truly needed to know. And I have a lot of people come into my coaching sessions with what they think they already know about the situation, and then I am able to tap into their subconscious into that information that they don’t know that they don’t know. And it comes out as a whole different reading than they expected, but it was all information that they needed to hear.

Steve Harper (24:00):

When you think about it not to minimize life coaches, they’re all fantastic and have different specialties. Yes. What you’re doing is just moves it so much further and faster into where you want to be and what you want to find out about yourself, your life, your future, and all of that. Wow.

Aunt Betsy (24:20):

Absolutely. I just start at a different level and we get to a different level than non-intuitive do.

Steve Harper (24:29):

Yeah. And it’s not like this is all crazy psychic readings. No. You’re just tapping into energy and information and a path. Tell me about the process where I can’t believe we have a couple of minutes here, how it works. When somebody reaches out to you, they go to your website and where do they go from there?

Aunt Betsy (24:49):

They go to my website and I have two ratings that I do now. We can do it by email. Some people don’t want to talk to me, they just want to, at three in the morning, they want to toss a question out to me and see what comes back. That way they can go back to sleep and not worry about it until I get them an answer. Or we can do a video conference or in person if you are close enough to me. And I’ve also done them over the telephone, but I prefer seeing the person gives me a little bit better sense of their energy and I can read their body language a little bit better to see how they’re receiving the information.

Steve Harper (25:28):

How long does a take reading take?

Aunt Betsy (25:32):

Typical reading is about an hour and I start with the Celtic cross reading and we go through all of that. And then if they have follow up questions to get a little bit deeper, get a little bit more information, get some more clarity, then I do some three card readings to get them that additional information.

Steve Harper (25:51):

So you would do a series of three card readings that could be part of it?

Aunt Betsy (25:56):

That could be part of it, yes. Okay. I want to make sure that when we’re done, they have all the information that they desire to move forward in their life.

Steve Harper (26:08):

This is fantastic. It really is. And when somebody, even if you looked at astrology, sometimes it’s hard to interpret. Somebody will explain it to you, but I don’t know anything about the seventh son. Saturn returned as much as North Node, as much as I really want to just read me my chart, tell me what it says, specifically what it says, what the future’s going to be like, and be clear. You’re very clear in terms of what you do.

Aunt Betsy (26:38):

I do. I like to give my clients those straightforward answers so that they can move forward because my sugar coating it or my not giving them all the information doesn’t do them a service. And I really want my clients to have a life they love.

Steve Harper (26:54):

Has there been a time and Pepsi when there’s been some information where you’re like, I don’t know if I should give that up, or I don’t know if they really want to know that, or you’re just Here it is. Here it is.

Aunt Betsy (27:07):

I have had times where I’ve been a little leery about giving some information and then I did. And the people were very happy that they got the information because deep down that’s what they were really looking for.

Steve Harper (27:22):

Yeah. Let’s say there was a situation where somebody’s other half wasn’t being faithful, so to speak, that came up in the cards. Would you say something?

Aunt Betsy (27:35):

I have said something. One of the most interesting readings that I did was for a friend of mine and his wife and they were both sitting there and as I was reading for her, a second husband kept coming up that she was going to have a second family, a second, everything. And I didn’t know how to approach that since he was sitting there. So I finally just told him, I’m like, this is what I’m seeing, that there’s an ending to your marriage and that she finds somebody else and has another happy marriage. And it turns out, after I shared that information with them, that that’s what they were really looking for because they were trying to decide if they should continue to work it out or if they should get divorced.

Steve Harper (28:26):

Wow. Drop the mic, if you will. Wow. Interesting. And when you were saying second, I didn’t know if you were referring to maybe that she was with somebody who is married, right. And that family? No. Yeah, it was a

Aunt Betsy (28:46):

Wow. No, the reading was that they were getting divorced and she was going to have a second husband

Steve Harper (28:51):

And Betsy. Wow. God bless you. Stuff like

Aunt Betsy (28:56):

That. So yeah, even though I didn’t want to give up that information because they were friends of mine, I decided that it wouldn’t serve them with me not, and it really helped them that it was time for them to get divorced and learn how to co-parent and move on with their lives.

Steve Harper (29:12):

Wow. Fascinating. And I truly mean it. Fascinating talking with you today. I am looking forward to the next time we get together and if you have any questions, if you need to move your life forward and with somebody who can really plug into you and your energy or even card things, you have questions and Betsy is available, ask aunt is her website. And again, I feel like you’re our ants. You’re there for us, your aunt.

Aunt Betsy (29:43):

I’m definitely everybody’s Aunt Etsy.

Steve Harper (29:46):

Yeah. It’s been great talking with you and look forward to getting together sometime soon.

Speaker 1 (29:56):

Broadcasting from the business capital of the world. This is the podcast Business News Network.


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