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Are You Afraid to Start?

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” If fear is the only thing we fear so why are we afraid to start a project? Fear is an excellent emotion. It is to protect us from potential danger and keep us alive. So what about starting a new project harms you? […]

How To Find Inspiration In Chaos

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I think we can all agree the last few years have not been what we planned.  It has has been full of chaos for me from the world’s pandemic to a new home to a new car before I am ready for it.  The chaos just keeps coming. Who would think to look for inspiration within the chaos? Me.

What Is A Personal Project & Why Do I Care?

What is a Personal Project?

A personal project is about setting up a stimulation of your life through a project to find your roadblocks or stumbling blocks in life and working a plan to find your way around them, over them, or under them.