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Power of the Personal Project


A personal project is about setting up a stimulation of your life through a program to find your roadblocks or stumbling blocks and working a plan to find your way around them, over them, or under them. 

It is a step-by-step process to find inspiration for your project, plan the project, execute the project, then show off your project all while learning new skills, habits, and having fun.

A project can be anything that interests you. Some thoughts are as follows: 

  • The crazy idea project; 
  • Is there that thing you have always wanted to but everyone tells you that you are crazy? you are not and it is time to do it; 
  • The curiosity project; 
  • Is there something you have had an interest in but haven’t taken the time to explore it? Now is the time; 
  • The getting inspired project; 
  • Are you stuck or uninterested in being creative? Let’s find that thing that will get you motivated again; 
  • The learning something new project; and
  • Been wanting to learn something new? Now is the time to learn it.

Why Care About a Personal Project? 

  • It is about self-development; 
  • be more creative; 
  • helping you gain a habit; 
  • allow you to reduce stress; 
  • meet new people; 
  • slow you down; 
  • learn a new skill; 
  • It will create passion, energy, and unlock innovative ideas; and
  • Gain new perspectives.

It will help you create new  habits & rituals of life by

  • Create Daily Habits of creativity to help face your blocks and challenges and fears so you can move forward 
  • Create Daily Habits of creativity to help face your blocks and challenges and fears so you can move forward; 
  • Habits create lasting change in your life; 
  • Pick an idea and work it out day in and day out and see it through; 
  • Fall forward; 
  • Obstacles are challenges to help you stretch your abilities; 
  • Failure is learning; 
  • Assessing creative gains; 
  • What have I learned; 
  • Should I change my assumption or idea; 
  • Did this project help me with an idea for a new project; 
  • What insights did I gain; 
  • How should I change my approach; 
  • What have I discovered about my work and myself; 
  • How effective is my creative process; 
  • How did my skills grow; 
  • Did the project increase my abilities or expose a weakness; 
  • Creative losses; 
  • What was the cost financially or missed opportunities; 
  • Did it hurt my reputation did it take too much time and attention; 
  • Did it decrease my confidence; 
  • What are the key takeaways from my project; 
  • Failure gives success its joy; 
  • Every failure creates new ideas for something better; 
  • Work on little ideas every day; 
  • Test ideas in the real world; 
  • Act on feedback and create something better; 
  • Practice your creativity not just theorize about it; and
  • Be purposeful as it helps make you a more productive artist. 

Types of Workshops

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